If you are pregnant, think about having a doula and live in Kingston, Gananoque or South Frontenac, you are at the right place!

You will get to know me a little while browsing the website and have a better idea about how I can care for your birthing needs. 

As a Certified birth doula, I am your guide and helper through labour, birth and postpartum. My main goal is to give you confidence and all the information you need to make the right decisions for yourself, so you have a positive birth experience.

Continuous support during labor has clinically meaningful benefits for women and infants and no known harm.*

Hodnett ED, gates S. , Hofmeyr GJ, Sakala C., Weston, J. “Continuous support for women during childbirth” Cochrane database syst. rev. 2012 Feb 16; (2):Cd003766

Pregnant people are often starving to read birth stories, so I wrote the story of my first birth here, and the Doula Support Foundation also publishes the winners of the Birth Story Contest.

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My first birth

took some towels to absorb the water and wring the content into the sink. I did not intend to clean the floor down on all fours, being nine months pregnant, that morning! But I did not want to have water trickling down on my neighbours just below us. Talk about a great distraction, perfect position and workout to speed up early labour! Really, I must owe a few hours of labour to this washing machine!

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